NEW Clary Sage Hydrosol

June on the Central Coast: busy backyard bees and a blooming garden, weekly farmer's market runs for cherries + apricots, early rising with the sun, evening reads in bed with the last of the day's light, and...... distilling !

I am so excited to share that we are now working with Grow All Good Things in Carmel Valley. TJ and his partner Carli, along with the rest of their team on the farm, are so amazing and everything that they grow is high quality. It feels so good to be sourcing locally grown, organic plants for distilling -- especially for this small batch of NEW Clary Sage Hydrosol we will be releasing this month! 

Clary Sage (salvia sclarea), is a flowering herb that is originally native to the Mediterranean, and was first used in many cultures during the middle ages and in Traditional Chinese Medicine to improve eye vision and clear the eye of irritation. Its name "clary" originates from the latin word "clarus" meaning clear. This grassy, somewhat bittersweet plant loves to grow in bright open sunshine and warmer climates.  Some may consider this perennial an invasive species in some areas, as it thrives in many types of soil, can tolerate high humidity and temperatures, and spreads easily.   

Clary Sage has a grassy and somewhat bittersweetness aroma to it. When sprayed, it takes me back to Spring mornings in the Canyon after the fog and rain rolls through- mountain native grasses and sages smelling herbaceous, sweet and alive. Besides being emotionally calming and soothing, it offers so many benefits to the skin. It is toning and clarifying for oily or combination skin, and has natural cleansing properties making it great for soothing minor cuts, burns, and wounds.  Its cooling and anti-inflammatory nature helps to soothe redness and rosacea. It can also be used after sun exposure to calm + cool the skin. Use this hydrosol in your diffuser to help boost your mood, lower stress, bring clarity and strengthen intuition as it is an ally for emotional and spiritual use. 


Grassy, green, sage, bittersweet, herbaceous 




-Mist on face + neck after cleansing in morning/evening and before applying serum or moisturizer. Helps to apply serum or cream while face is still dewy from the hydrosol. Use to cool and soothe redness, rosacea, cuts/burns, too much sun exposure, etc. 

-Spray over self when feeling down, depleted or energetically drained. Clary Sage is known to help with depression. It has an uplifting ability.

-Women can mist directly on lower abdomen to help with menstrual cramps, fatigue, PMS, and bloating. 


This hydrosol can be added to diffuser to help boost your mood and lower stress. 



Undiluted, Organic Clary Sage Hydrosol 




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