Skincare + Wellness Consultation Package

Skincare + Wellness Consultation Package

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Skincare + Wellness Consultations 

In this initial consultation call, we will be discussing everything from your skincare routine such as products you may already be using for your skin, to how you are nourishing yourself daily (what nourishment looks like to you, stress management tools, etc.). Speaking from my personal skincare journey, I have learned that healthy skin is not only a reflection of what I use on my skin, but also practicing mindful habits that affect mind + spirit. For this reason, I believe that it is important to explore how you are feeling internally and address what may be attributing to those feelings.

 As part of the consultation, I will work with you on creating a personalized morning and evening skincare routine and suggest herbal tea blends/supplements to incorporate into your daily routine. Together, we will also formulate a personalized Flower Remedy to assist you in any needed emotional support; feelings such as grief, lack of focus, drowsiness, heartbreak, clarity, creating boundaries, etc.  From there we will schedule a follow-up call, roughly 4 weeks from initial call to discuss and modify any changes to your skincare routine, ways of nourishing yourself, herbal allies, etc. I am so grateful that you have taken the time to invest in your own wellbeing and am truly passionate about elevating your skin + emotional state to where you would ideally like them to be. 


Initial Opening Consultation Call: 60 minutes call

Wellness Plan Delivery + Review Email

Follow-Up Consultation Call: 45-60 minutes call

3-Part Package Fee: $150

All formulated tea blends, skincare products, flower essences, etc. will be charged to client in addition to the package fee.

Please email: after booking to schedule your first consultation call :)

Topics Discussed:

 Herbal Medicine – Custom herbal formulations including teas, oils, creams, and infusions

 Lifestyle – Self-care, work/life balance, day/night routine, movement

 Nourishment – Food as medicine, hydration, supplemental guidance

 Flower Essences – Custom vibrational plant energy blend, emotional support

 Resources – Nourishing protocols, individualized wellness plan, suggested texts, journal prompts

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