Sore No More Salve

Sore No More Salve

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A plant-based salve that is great for sore muscles + joints. Made of warming Cayenne Pepper + Ginger that temporarily help soothe the pain of problematic areas. This salve has a mild scent from the essential oils of clove + peppermint. Clove is also very warming for the muscles and peppermint helps with pain.

Do not use this salve near or around your eyes, lips, armpits and other sensitive areas of the body as the Cayenne is potent! Can be used throughout the day to ease any pain

Ingredients: Cayenne* + Ginger Root* Infused in Sunflower Oil*, Beeswax*, Vitamin e, Essential Oils of Clove* + Peppermint*

2 oz / *Certified Organic

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